Recruitment Consultants in Delhi

Executive Recruitment– 

We target and headhunt by specific industries to ensure that quality candidates are not missed out. Our rigorous research and selection process ensure that we only target the best candidates and conduct reference checks on the shortlisted candidates. You need a trusted and reliable partner for your executive search positions. Our experienced Recruitment Consultants just need a thorough understanding of the job requirement and we will ensure to deliver the best fit candidates for your organization.

Temporary Assignments – 

Temporary staffing has long been the best solution for businesses that need extra manpower to cope during busy business cycles, specific project-based, long staff absenteeism or head-count constraint. If you need a job to be done quickly, we at Human Innovation Consulting will be your best business partner for your staffing need.

Contract Staffing – 

Due to the occurrence of project-based labour services, long leave of absence of staff, high attrition while waiting for the right candidates, organizations are finding contract staffing an effective tool to alleviate short term labour crunch.

Permanent Placement – 

With our Recruitment Consultants’ integrity and commitment, we will target and identify the best fit candidates for your organization. The targeted candidates range from junior level to mid-level management. With our pool of experienced Recruitment Experts, we have developed a high degree of expertise in fulfilling permanent positions for our clients. All selected candidates are thoroughly pre-screened to ensure that they possess the skill and aptitude which the organization is looking for.